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EJ-P0008 Automatic Washbasin Faucet Sensor Module
    Publish time 2020-06-13 20:50    
EJ-P0008 Automatic Washbasin Faucet Sensor Module

PEPE produces sensors and control units for OEM manufacturers of electronic faucets & toilets, and home appliances.

Water control applications
Water dispensers
Automatic flushing
Power management

Product Description

Custom Automatic Washbasin Faucet Sensor

With stable performance in indoor and outdoor environments Available sensor covers and connectors in different shapes Optional operating modes and outputs for specific applications. Available operating modes are controlled via sensors or buttons.

Model number: 
Technology: Active Infrared 
Power supply mode:
DC 4.5V-6.6V
Detection range default setting for different applications: (adjustable)
Water sensor: 5-300 mm  400-850 mm
Smart home: 0-900 mm

Adjustable working distance :
0-90 CM
Response time: 
Stand-by consumption:
 <20 uA
Maximum output current:
Low voltage alarm: 
< 4.5 V
Signal pulse:
45 ms  (adjustable)
Ingress protection:IP 67
2014/35/EU, 2014/30/EU, FCC PART 15B

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