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EJ-P0010 Automatic Faucet Sensor Module
    Publish time 2020-06-13 21:00    
EJ-P0010 Automatic Faucet Sensor Module


Fast, accurate distance-ranging detection.

Single power supply.

Anti-vibration and shock.

Works with various types of cover materials

Reliable water and humidity-proof circuit that provides accurate control for all electrical parts.

Model number: 
Technology: Active Infrared 
Power supply mode:
DC 4.5V-6.6V
Detection range default setting for different applications: (adjustable)
Water sensor: 0-350 mm  350-850 mm
Smart home: 0-900 mm

Adjustable working distance :
0-90 CM
Response time: 
Stand-by consumption:
 <20 uA
Maximum output current:
Low voltage alarm: 
< 4.5 V
Signal pulse:
45 ms  (adjustable)
Ingress protection:IP 67
2014/35/EU, 2014/30/EU, FCC PART 15B

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