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  • EC-E2001GB Electric Bike Alarm System
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EC-E2001GB Electric Bike Alarm System
    Publish time 2020-06-13 19:06    
EC-E2001GB Electric Bike Alarm System

Custom-made warning and assistance systems for motorcycles and bikes to assist riders with more convenience

Secure and key management
Passive keyless access system
Security system

Assistance output

Product Description
36V 48V 72V Electric Bike Anti Theft Alarm Lock Electric Scooter Remote Control Engine Start Alarm

Any impact of the bike will activate the shock sensors. Allows users to control bikes in 3 unique ways: remote, keyless, and NFC options.
Model number: 
Working Voltage:
12V, 36V-72V, 84-96V 
Working frequency:
Power consumption:
< 5 mA
Remote distance:
< 90 meters
120 db

Basic features:

Lock/arm, Unlock/disarm, and panic.
Keyless entry
Control key locks on/off
Shock sensor
Lock Motor

Backup rechargeable batteries

Electric horn function

Service hotline